Da Mimmo with Eoin

For some reason everyone I know is a good cook, so I’d like to be good at it too.


Chez Max with Ed

I’d rather people eat less meat than wipe out half of the earth’s population.

Shouk with Beth

One guy was like “I basically became vegetarian for you!” and I was like “Bitch I didn’t ask you! Eat a fucking burger!”

Le Petit Parisien with Dee

I’m never gonna go out and buy “unicorn” flavoured shit, but if I could sit there and watch someone plate up beautiful food for hours, I would.

Kopitiam with Ilaina

I love Ireland, I really do, but sometimes you still feel like you don’t belong.

Nutbutter with Jess

If I could eat a different meal every day for the rest of my fucking life, I absolutely would.

Wowburger with Rachel

One lad stabbed another lad with a fork in the chest over a dessert. I can’t imagine he looked at a dessert the same way again.

Govinda’s with Bella

People think you can’t be fat and happy, but I think it might be the only way you can be.